Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!Welcome to our website!Welcome to our website!

Our Mission and Purpose are for your health and well-being!

Founded by Dr. Bill Bergman, we are committed to your health and the health of the community. We offer the latest proven approaches to prevent and reverse stress-related physical health challenges as well as mood, anxiety, psychological issues and destructive habits and addictions.

Our Community Health Education, Health Consulting and 5-Step Coaching Program will improve your relationships at home and at work, achieve freedom from stress and allow you to achieve higher levels of performance and well-being!

How are our Programs different from other approaches?

The Mind and the Body can naturally heal when physical and mental obstacles are removed and the original design for human beings is restored.  

By combining the latest advances in Brain Science with the insights of Health Psychology and God-centered Spiritual Principles, our Programs will give you an effective pathway to greater freedom, health and well-being!

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Description of our 5-Step Coaching Program to end unwanted habits.

Brain science is confirming that it is often NOT necessary to delve deeply into personal issues or analyzing a person's past to overcome unwanted habits.  

Our Coaching Program takes place by phone conferencing and includes three coaching sessions, powerpoint slide presentations, workbook text with worksheets and bonus materials.


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Help Our Cause

Your support and contribution will enable us to provide individuals and the community with proven strategies to prevent and reverse destructive habits and addictions. Your generous donation will help fund our mission.

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Vann Ellison, President and CEO, St. Matthew's House, Naples, Florida

"Dr. Bill’s wisdom and understanding about very complex issues of brain function and human behavior provide insight and real solutions for people from all walks of life. His approach is very helpful and therapeutic in our work with addiction. People from all walks of life can benefit by connecting with his work." 

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