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Hello, I’m Dr. Bill and I am so pleased to share this Program with you!

There are solutions for you to end your destructive habit or addiction even if you've tried many other other programs and methods that have not worked!

Throughout my professional medical career, beginning while still a medical student at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, I have always been focused on the cause and prevention of chronic disease, stress and destructive habits.

I have researched the most successful approaches to ending unwanted habits and have taken the best practices to create my unique Program. Whether it is, among many others, drug or alcohol addiction, smoking, habits such as binge eating, compulsive thinking or behavior, gambling, internet or pornography, there are new ways to achieve freedom and well-being! My Program helps even when the habit takes the form of ongoing discontent, anxiety, grievance or a depressed mood.

Based on the latest Brain Science, Health Psychology, and a framework of God-centered Spiritual Principles, this integrative Program will give you an effective approach to achieve enduring freedom from your unwanted destructive habit!    

Bill Bergman, MD


This 5-Step Program will give you the following benefits:

Understand the hidden source of destructive habits and addictions. 

How to correct the imbalance of brain function behind your unwanted habit.

Implement  an effective two-pronged strategy for re-wiring the brain  so a destructive habit becomes a thing of the past. 

Use the full potential of your God-given brain and spiritual power to go beyond the endless struggles depending on will-power alone.

Use the synergistic power of the latest Brain Neuroscience, the new field of Health Psychology and God-centered Spiritual Principles to achieve lasting freedom, health & stress relief !

Instead of fighting the urge of the habit, see it in a way that makes it go away on its own!


Here are the components of my Online Program:

Instructional Videos with insights and best practices – one related to each Step of the program with an Introduction and Conclusion.

Workbook text and Worksheets with fill-in-the-blank Summaries, Questions and Action Steps that help you gain insights and implement a plan of action.

Powerpoint PDF 90-Slide Deck including all steps of the Program 

PROGRAM includes five 30-40 minute Personal Conference Calls with Email Feedback on Worksheets. 

BONUS – A Complimentary Digital Copy of my paperback “How to Create a Healthy Brain.”

ADDED BONUS – Complimentary access to my previous webinar recordings on topics related to Health and Well-Being!



This Program is an innovative, practical and effective approach to help you end unwanted habits and addictions. The Program is based on an integration of the latest Brain Neuroscience, the new field of Health Psychology and God-centered Spiritual Principles.

Step 1: Anatomy of a Destructive Habit

Learn the true source of habits and addictions and how to see destructive urges and cravings in a way which makes them go away on their own!

Step 2: Decreasing Destructive Brain Circuity
Through advances in brain science and psychology, we are able to learn how to get to the root cause of unhealthy habits and decrease destructive brain circuitry.

Step 3: Increasing Healthy Brain Circuitry
By understanding how to integrate God-centered spiritual principles with modern brain science and health psychology, we can re-wire the brain and help restore God’s original design.


Bringing it all together to end unwanted habits and addictions! 

Now is the time for you to achieve freedom from an unwanted habit or addiction! Once you have the correct information, deeper insight and guidance, you will be able to achieve your goal!  

I look forward to working with you! 


Online program + Five 40-60 minute phone consults

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