The Detoxification System

A comprehensive Stress Relief Program has to include the impact of toxicity on our mental and emotional state of mind.

The mind-body connection is a two-way street: Stress has a destructive impact on our physical health including brain function, and toxins in the body negatively affect our psychological well-being.

Detoxification is the natural process by which the human body can eliminate toxins and poisons from cells, tissues and organs.  

Over time, our bodies accumulate a wide variety of toxins from our environment and from food additives and food processing. As we accumulate more toxins, we become less able to effectively handle the normal by-products of metabolic activity within the cells. 

The PushCatch® LiverDetox, developed by the world's leader in detoxification, is a versatile two-step cleansing protocol designed to help support the liver in its vital role in eliminating toxins and then minimizing their redistribution and re-absorption which is essential for proper health. Other improperly designed protocols on the market can result in toxin redistribution, not elimination.

This highly effective and affordable system provides a powerful liposomal blend of bitters to “push” toxins to the gut. There, natural binders “catch” the toxins so that they can be safely eliminated by the body. The PushCatch® program contains a broad-spectrum constellation of binders that are blended with uniquely soothing prebiotic fibers.

Optimum health requires that all detoxification mechanisms function in a balanced way, or the whole system cannot work properly.


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