What does a Health Consultation with Dr. Bill involve?

Are you experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety from destructive habits and addictions? 

The latest brain science is confirming that stress and addictive habits are associated with imbalances in nerve connections and certain parts of the brain. These imbalances can be corrected through the ability of our brain to re-wire itself (known as 'neuroplasticity'). When you understand how you can promote healthy brain re-wiring, the urges driving destructive habits go away on their own! 

After close to five decades in Integrative Medicine and Stress Management, I am working with a comprehensive approach that can allow you to break free of unwanted habits and dramatically improve your quality of life and sense of well-being! 

I and countless others have benefited greatly from this new understanding. It is not another 'stress management technique' nor practice, but a way to truly overcome unhealthy habits, stress and anxiety from the 'inside-out.' 

Based on the integration of Brain Neuroscience and Health Psychology, and a framework of God-centered Biblical Principles, the insights you will gain will give you a no-willpower perspective on ending unwanted habits and achieving enduring stress relief!

Through this approach, you'll experience freedom from addictions and stress and achieve greater resiliency in all your relationships, both personally at home and professionally at work.

While the focus is on ending destructive habits, what you will learn has practical application in every area of your life!