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Physically: necessity of essential nutrients and nutritious foods to create a balanced brain and nervous system chemistry.

To promote happiness and emotional well-being, we need to promote optimum brain chemistry, healthy aging of the brain and prevent accelerated aging.

We need a lifestyle that begins with a healthy and balanced diet. Since high glycemic foods, which spike blood sugar and result in insulin resistance and blood vessel inflammation, are so common in the typical diet, we have to encourage the following diet which provides vital nutrition while keeping a stable level of blood sugar:

·        40 percent low-density carbohydrates, such as most vegetables and low-glycemic fruits.

·        25-30 percent organic protein, such as free-range meats, chicken, fish, tofu, or omega-3-fortified free-range eggs.

·        30-35 percent monounsaturated fats, including but not limited to olive oil, nuts, tofu, fish, and avocado.

·        Superfoods for the brain: blueberries, spinach and seaweed

Scientific research confirms that a key principle for promoting memory and cognitive function is to avoid a diet high in trans-fat and saturated fat from animal products and most especially red meat. These fats cause inflammation and the production of unstable reactive free radicals. Free radical damage can lead to the inflammation of the lining of blood vessels and the death of brain cells. Fruits and vegetables, along with fish rich in omega-3 oils and protein substitutes such as soy, are protective against memory loss and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Everyone should take a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that includes folic acid and Vitamin C. The former reduces homocysteine levels, which is a risk factor for both heart disease and memory loss. The latter has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 20 percent when taken with Vitamin E.

In addition, it is important to optimize liver and digestive function, and cell membrane integrity to promote ‘cellular health’ within the brain and nervous system. This requires proper nutritional supplementation with essential fats and oils.

Promote a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise to overcome a sedentary lifestyle and unwise food choices that create insulin resistance and low-grade inflammation in the blood vessels and capillaries that nourish the brain and every part of the body. This also requires adequate use of the entire family of anti-oxidants that reduce the free-radical damage that causes the inflammatory state.

Utilize the leading-edge specific brain nutritional factors that have been confirmed to improve brain cell and cognitive function and healthy brain cell chemistry.

Utilize mind-body stress relief technologies that create balance in the autonomic nervous system and optimum brain biochemical balance.
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